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Monopoly Slot Machine Review: Start Betting Today

Monopoly Slot Machine Review: Start Betting Today

While the Monopoly game was initially created as a parody of capitalism, the world-famous game went on to become the exact thing that it was trying to mock. Similar to real capitalism, it can prove to be an incredibly frustrating experience if you do not know what you are exactly up to. However, if every person on the board knows what they should do, the game can easily last for hours together!

Additional info
  • Slot Type
  • Video slots
  • Reels
  • 5
  • Paylines
  • 25
  • RTP
  • 96%, For high-roller, 99%
  • Jackpot
  • 250
  • Min Coins Size
  • 0.01
  • Max Coins Size
  • 3

Monopoly is a game that is still being played around the world. Solely responsible for destroying many friendships, Monopoly can be played around the world in mobile devices, computers, tablets, and floors. You will also see several versions of the game like the Legend of Zelda versions, Disney versions, and Star Wars versions.

If you are a fan of the classic Monopoly board game and have a passion for games as well, you might not be aware that the perfect blend exists where your favorite slot machines meet the evergreen Monopoly board games. This blend is known as a Monopoly slot machine.

Of course, you do not have to carry any real coins to play them. Playing the slot has become a lot easier today; all you need is an app to play the game.

Monopoly Slot Machine Review: Start Betting Today

The Monopoly slot game will offer you adrenaline-raining, head-spinning, and blood-pumping experience; the gameplay is based on the irreplaceable board game that became an essential part of everyone’s life.

The Monopoly game has been designed by IGT, with Wagerworks as partners. You will find a lot of different versions under the same name being distributed by different casinos in the market. However, the most commonly played version is called the Big Event.

One of the best aspects of this game is that you do not have to wait for any type of bonuses since you will get one anytime you ask for it. For a slot machine, this is quite a significant and welcoming change, since most slot machines typically give away free bonuses whenever particular events are triggered. Let us see everything in detail in this Monopoly slot review.

Theme and Design of Monopoly Slots

The Monopoly slots are 3×5 and consist of 13 symbols in total. It is quite different from an average slot machine and carries a lot of weight, thanks to its path-breaking features. It is one of the only complete games where you can spend hours together without getting bored. With each spin, you open up new possibilities for exciting bonuses and multipliers; also, you progress slowly through the game’s original storyline – to build and stretch your city up to its maximum limits. For most, this proves to be a refreshing version of the game that is currently brewing in the online casino industry. Gamblers, especially the new ones, are offered several Monopoly free spins and bonuses.

Symbols and Value in Monopoly Slots

The symbols in the Monopoly slot is made according to the theme and showcases the various attributes of a well-to-do lifestyle. For the sake of simplifying the calculations, one credit will be involved when payments of the linear bets are being discussed. If you are aiming for a winning combo of 3, 4, and 5 symbols, you will need to receive the following rewards in terms of credit:

  • A jackpot of 50, 150, 500
  • Mr. Monopoly and a driver 40, 100, 200
  • A dog 30, 80, 150
  • A bus 15, 50, 125
  • A vehicle 10, 40, 100
  • A money bag 10, 30, 100
  • A car and a toy steamer 10, 25, 80
  • A boot and a cylinder 5, 20, 50

For the last payment, the participation of the wild symbol for the formation of the winning combination is taken into account. This means that if you land five winning symbols for the Jackpot without requiring any Wild, your winnings could amount to 25,000 credits, whereas you can potentially win 75,000 credits with the help of the Wild.

Apart from the standard images, Monopoly slot also includes unique images like:

MM Wild is the Wild symbol that drops down in an entire group vertically and on the fifth reel only. Once it appears, it will bring you a reward in the form of a special Monopoly currency. This particular win is a result of the reward combination for a given spin. Without it, the prize would have been calculated automatically in the amounts of 10x or 100x multipliers on each line.

The Wild symbol is universal and can replace all the other icons to form winning combinations. Additionally, a combination of 5, 4, and 3 symbols will win you 500, 150, and 50 credits, respectively.

The Bonus symbol is inscribed with the word ‘Bonus.’ If you manage to land a winning combination of these symbols, you will be rewarded with free spins.

The Free Parking symbol is a unique symbol and is depicted by a red-colored car. This symbol can fall out in whole vertical groups but is not present on the slot’s first reel. Landing this symbol will open up a separate feature mini-game where you need to select anyone out of the five hidden symbols; based on the symbol you choose, it will replace all the icons with the red car image. The rewards are based on the combination that is formed.

How Do You Play Monopoly Slots?

With 20 pay lines and five reels, the Monopoly slot machine will keep you excited and on the edge of your seat during the entire gameplay. You do not even have to do anything much; the standard RTP for Monopoly slot is 96%. However, if you are a high-roller, the RTP can climb up to 99%.

Bet From 20p

Out of the several variants, you will find online. This particular Monopoly slot is the game that you need to play. This Monopoly slot game will allow you to play Monopoly slot to your heart’s content, without requiring you to concentrate a lot on the game and investing as little as 20p. However, if luck is on your side and you win, you can potentially acquire up to $500 per spin.

Big Event Feature

Monopoly Slot Machine Review: Start Betting Today

The first feature we will see is called the Big Event feature. If you are playing the regular game, you should concentrate on reels 1, 3, and 5. You will see two types of previews – the green and red ones. If you can land two symbols on reel 5, you will trigger the green-colored Big Event. On the other hand, if you successfully land three symbols, you will have the chance to avail of red Big Event awards.

Both the tigers will offer you a sneak peek and reveal three positions – the red one presents hotels while the green one will show you the houses.

In these both events, you will be offered a chance to choose any one of two cards. With the Chance card, you will be given a bonus. The community chest option will provide you with one of the two available card choices – guaranteed wins or free spins.

Free Spins

This is the part where the monopoly slot takes an exciting turn. Some sure-shot wins will take place if you happen to choose the free spins option. By any chance, you are still left with several guaranteed wins before the timer is up, a new event will take place on a particular reel so that you can make use of this chance to win some rewards.

Jail Card

If by any chance, you land the special Jail card while playing Monopoly slots, the possibility to make the minimum winning will disappear, and you will also not be able to make use of your free spins anymore. It is this feature that will truly test your patience level and get your adrenaline rising.

Before you try out this exciting game, you also need to know about two more unique features that appear during the free spins – the Locking Winds and the Dancing Winds.

Dancing Winds Feature

By any chance, you unlock the Dancing Winds feature, one of the reels will move insanely while the Locking Winds will bring the speed of the reels back to normal. The speed of the pay lines and reels might get your head spinning; hence, it is advised that you sit down for this one. The above are some ways that can help you learn how to win Monopoly slot.

Playing On Mobile

It is not surprising that the monopoly slot has a mobile version as well. Once the PC version became popular, works on the Monopoly slot mobile app started earnestly. Similar to the PC version, the mobile version of Monopoly Slots does not consist of flashy animations; things are kept rather simple. The mobile version of the game also features the same symbols, namely the Car, Dog, etc.

Also, the rewards are the same, and you could possibly earn about 2,000 coins on landing five Mr. Monopoly in a single row. The mobile version also includes features like the Big Bet Games and offered the same two choices. The Big Event feature is also present, and the RTP remains the same as well.

Monopoly Slots – Free Game

Playing any game for free is a great way to test its features. Thinking on similar terms, Monopoly Slots also has to offer its free demo version. Here, you will be given mini-games, free spins, and a lot more! In this demo game, you do not have to spend any real money. However, since you will not be spending any real money, it also means that you will not be able to earn any as well. All your balance and winnings cannot be cashed out or used in the online gaming iteration.


Overall, Monopoly Slots admittedly sounds like an exciting and immersive game. It looks quite appealing and authentic to the original theme of the board game and also aids you in winning big money. While the gaming structure might be a bit complicated, it does not mean that you will not have fun! This slot game will provide you with a frequent winning spree. The game is undoubtedly made for high-rollers and offers several chances to rake up your winnings in enormous ways. Also, the Monopoly slot tips help you do so faster!

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